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 The Flex Nutrition Ambassador program was designed  to support individuals who share Flex Nutrition’s same goals of living that healthier lifestyle. Flex Nutrition Ambassadors can come from any walk of life, whether an avid trainer or not, as long as they have an inspiring experience to tell about the impact of Flex Nutrition products  on their life.  We also are accepting applications for athletes that have a passion to compete, and truly believe in Flex Nutrition products as a means of achieving their goals. Whether a Flex Nutrition products Ambassador is a trainer or not, they must be approachable, personable, and of high integrity.

Flex Nutrition products Ambassadors applicants should be current users of Flex Nutrition products. As an advocate for Flex Nutrition products, Ambassadors are provided with a $200 Gift Card for Flex Nutrition products in return for encouraging and inspiring others to choose Flex Nutrition via:

  1. Sharing their story on this webpage.
  2. Promoting their use of Flex Nutrition products in at least three social shares per month, across applicable platforms. Posts must tag Flex Nutrition products accordingly and use the hashtag #FlexNutritionAmbassador.
  3. Wearing Flex Nutrition products-branded gear during key races and competitions, and posting pics to social channels. Flex Nutrition management will coordinate with each Ambassador to select two pieces of pre-designed branded gear for their training needs (approx. $100 value).
  4. Potentially participating in additional content development/promotional opportunities. Examples might include writing tips/articles for Flex Nutrition products’s website, being filmed for a documentary-style video, sharing recipe and how-to videos, and co-hosting Instagram and/or Facebook chats.
  5. If you are interested in applying, please complete the online Flex Nutrition products Ambassador Application Form or check out the Ambassador FAQs.

Please note that we receive a large number of ambassador requests. While we wish we could support everyone, unfortunately we are able to select only a small number of ambassadors each year. We currently accept Flex Nutrition products Ambassador applications only from people who live in the US and are age 21 or over. Please allow up to 90 days for review of your application.

Thank you for your interest in the Official Flex Nutrition Products!