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Flex Nutrition™ was first seen in the year 2000 in top national fitness publications across the USA and has offered deep discount supplements ever since! 
Checkout one of our first Muscle & Fitness ads back in the year 2000. We still offer fast US shipping to all 50 states on the hottest brands out there. Our vast knowledge of the sports nutrition industry allows our team to better cater to your needs whether it be burning fat or building muscle or if you just want to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Flex Nutrition™ Often imitated – Never Duplicated is a great way to describe the Original Flex Nutrition™ of today. Still pumpin out deals and helping people transform there bodies one at a time! 

A true passion to see others achieve is our driving force,.

Flex Nutrition Ad 09/2000 Issue

Muscle & Fitness Magazine page 290

Some may ask, why does Flex Nutrition display a magazine ad from over 18 years ago that was sold in every state in the mass market? So there is no question you are still dealing with the real deal Flex Nutrition™. We have reached and helped many customers all throughout the USA ever since!

Our secret to success is our close relationship built over the years wit top selling trusted brands allowing for better discounts and passing along to the consumer. Along with great low prices, what sets us apart from the rest of the pack is expert advice on whats hot and what really works. We welcome you to shop around and you will see that our customer service is known for no nonsense advice and zero pressure. See why so many have shopped with us and save huge while receiving the utmost attention you deserve at Flex Nutrition™ & www.FlexNutrition.com!

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Team Flex Nutrition

CEO, Flex Nutrition™

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