Let the Real #FlexNutrition Help You Achieve!

The Flex Nutrition brand of supplements were first seen in the year 2000 across the USA in top fitness publications like Muscle & Fitness magazines.  Flex Nutrition's rapid success over the past 18+ years along with the rise of social media has brought many Flex Nutrition copycats and bad actors, in an industry cluttered with bogus claims, impersonations, and mysterious po box addresses.

Flex Nutrition's World headquarters has been located at the same address for the past 18 years under that same ownership.  Reliability, experience, and trust play an integral part of the Flex Nutrition Brand of products! 


All Flex Nutrition brand products are proudly made in the USA and are manufactured in an FDA approved facility that follows current cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)standards. 


Ok when your body demands a high protein diet when your training heavy training, Flex Nutrition products have greatly helped in performance and recovery. No B.S.

- Josh M. Ct

Been a trainer for a minute and Flex Nutrition products helped not only me but many of my clients too. From the Flex Nutrition Mass Gainer to their Isolate. Clean bro!

- Joel T. Ct.

I randomly found these guys surfing the net for protein and when I tried the Flex Nutrition 100% Whey I was hooked. Straight up good taste and I have really seen a different in 3mo.

- Dave R. NY